Due to the present Covid-19 situation and the subsequent lack of tourists, the tour is currently only available on request, which means that those who wish to book the tour should contact me directly. For the present I have dismantled the automatic booking page. Although the numbers of Covid-19 infections in Japan are relatively small,  all precautions have been taken to insure the utmost safety of our customers. 


    *  All  venues visited are outdoors

    *  Your guide has been double

        vaccinated and wears a mask 

    *  Guide and visitors are required

        to strictly observe social distancing

        and mask wearing at all times

    *  All venues visited require the wearing

       of face masks and social distancing



Prices range from Y20,000 yen for one or two persons; Y7,000 per person for three or four persons, and Y5,000 per person for five or more persons. Children under 12 are free; children under three not accepted. Prices do not include local transport (bus and train) within Kamakura City, or venue admission fees (approx. Y1,200 per person).

The tour is suitable for people of all ages above three. Please be advised that we are unable to accept wheelchair customers at the present time.