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                         Learn about Yoritomo Minamoto and the establishment of Japan's first military government, his family history, the role of the Emperor, the subterfuge between the Hiki and the Hojo clans, their  eventual

downfall, and the plots and counter plots of the Ashikaga family in their ruthless pursuit of power.  Learn about the flowering of Zen Buddhism, the development of Japan's traditional arts and crafts, the tea ceremony, swordsmanship and archery, and...  The Samurai Code of Honor

             Kamakura truly is replete with history waiting to be discovered!

I'm a professional photographer from England who has lived in Japan for some 25 years. It would indeed be my pleasure to show you around the historical sites of Kamakura and give you an insight into the history of this ancient city, exemplified by its many temples and shrines, and its magnificent gardens that showcase an abundance of plants throughout all four seasons: peony and plum in winter; cherry blossom and azaleas in spring; iris and hydrangeas in summer; and the gorgeous colors of gingko and momiji (maple) in autumn. 

Peter Oxley

      Kamkura is indeed a photographer's paradise!


                          Land of Zen Buddhism and samurai warriors, join me on a tour of Japan's fabled past, on a journey to an era steeped in history and mystery --- The Kamakura Shogunate.

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