Discover Kamakura, city of shoguns and samurai, through the eyes of acclaimed

photographer Peter Oxley. A resident of Japan for over 30 years, Peter brings with him

a unique perspective on Japanese history and culture. With his distinctive personal touch,

Peter takes you to Kamakura's fabled past and fascinating present while giving a highly informative and insightful commentary on the different sights. As an added bonus, he can

take photos of you during the tour for you to keep as your very own souvenir of Kamakura. 


Peter offers a choice of two private tours.

Each tour takes two hours.

Starting times may be changed upon request.


 Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine & Komachi-dori Tour (10 am start)

The Great Buddha & Hasedera Temple Tour (2 pm start)


From a small fishing village, Kamakura became Japan's seat of government under

Minamoto Yoritomo, Japan's first shogun. Each tour centers on Kamakura's historical

and cultural legacy as Japan's de facto capital from1185 to1333. The 150-year 

Kamakura Period saw the introduction of the first shogunate, the form of government

that ruled Japan until modern times, along with the rise of Zen Buddhism and the 

Samurai Culture. A tour can be booked for singles, couples, families, and groups of

up to 8 people. Discounts are available for bookings of two or more persons.

Children aged 12 and under are free of charge. 




 "I highly recommended Peter's tours to everyone." 

From a customer's review.