"A resident of Japan for over 25 years, I would be delighted to show you around Kamakura and give you an insight into the rich history of this beautiful city, as exemplified by its many heritage sites, some dating back hundreds of years."  

Peter Oxley


Kamakura is a photographer's paradise...

Join Peter on a tour of Kamakura's colorful and turbulent past, a journey to an era steeped in history as well as legend and lore - the fabled  Kamakura Period.   

Learn about Minamoto no Yoritomo, 

Japan's first shogun and founder of the

country's first military government, along with the birth of the Samurai Code of Honor and the flowering of Zen Buddhism.  

Peter lives in Kamakura and is presently working on a coffee table book that will showcase the beauty of the historic city through the seasons. Peter has authored three other photo books, including one on Japan's Shinto festivals entitled  Matsuri - Call of the Gods.

"As a Japanese, I was amazed at your knowledge of the Kamakura period, much of which many of us Japanese people don’t even know about."

From a Tripadvisor review