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"I would be delighted to introduce you to Kamakura and its fascinating history, how this former fishing village became the country's seat of power under Japan's first shogun in the 12th century, as well as to the city's role today as a vibrant center of traditional and contemporary culture."  

Peter Oxley


From a dramatic past to a dynamic present...

Join Peter on a tour that will take you back to the Kamakura Period,

a turbulent era steeped in legend and lore, followed by a look at the city's lively and colorful present.    


Listen to tales about Minamoto Yoritomo,

founder of the city and Japan's first

shogun, who rose to power with the

support of an emergent warrior class, followers of the Samurai Code of Honor, and a powerful network of temples under the banner of Zen Buddhism.    

In homage to the city he calls home, Peter has published a coffee table book that showcases the timeless grandeur of Kamakura's centuries-old temples, shrines and gardens through the four seasons. Click here Kamakura Mon Amour for a preview

of the book. Peter has also published other photography books, including one on Japan's Shinto festivals entitled Matsuri - Call of the Gods 

"I was amazed at your knowledge of the Kamakura Period,

much of which many of us Japanese don’t even know." 

From a customer's review

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